Our philosophy

A revolution to lifestyle

Creative, skillful and genuine technician of rehabilitation, Since interior architects and designers set no limit to their imagination. They play with spaces, lights, choice of furniture and colored atmosphere… They control their creativity within a concept which reflects the personnality and the will of the occupants whether it is an upscale home, a store, a hotel or offices. 

Highperformance production tools for plans and 3D images allow the client to anticipate his future home. As visionary artists of architecture at the scale of everyday life, Since Studio associates ensure their clients a custom made project with a passionate support and a methodic follow up.

So that each project is unique !

Matthieu ROCHAS

General manager

The architectural and global design agency is located in Lyon, Presqu’île area.Matthieu Rochas, former of Chanel and founder of the agency gathered around him talents and passion allowing rich discussions with clients before the decision making, backed up by ultra realistic tools for project modelling.

Proud of our clients