DO MO | Bar Lounge

Transformation of an art gallery into a Bar Lounge.

The exercise in style on an area of more than 250m2 with a 6 meter-high ceiling and a window.

It is the same client as the Do Mo Restaurant with a dazzling extension.

A one-of-a-kind room unveils with 6 meter-high curtains to set the atmosphere and deal with the acoustics.

A 7 meter-long bar, giant screen, movie projector, breathtaking sound (if you switch it on..).

We like the transparent wine cellar… we like to enter it… we like to spend time in it with some conniving friends.


Photo credit: Xavier Chabert photographer


  • Project management : Do Mo Restaurant
  • Shon : 270 m2
  • Delivery : 2014
  • Place : Lyon. France

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