BEAUMONT ET FINET | Bijouterie, joaillerie


Beaumont et Finet, a family company and a Lyon institution, moved to the Lyon golden triangle.

Changing a former bank into a luxury store has been quite a challenge.

It has been rewarded first prize at the Lyon Shop & Design contest of the Chamber of Commerce of Lyon.

By receiving the trophy from the hands of Mister Gérard Collomb, Lyon’s mayor, we accomplished the technical, artistic and human ( !) achievement (!) of this rare construction downtown.

Although some failing firms exceptionally worked on the project, they didin’t prevent the truly magical result of the venue, that only the two brothers in law can preserve.

We thank them again.


  • Project management : Beaumont et Finet
  • Shon : 270 m2
  • Delivery : 2009
  • Place : Lyon. France

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