Description : Construction of a 450m2 villa (architect Thierry Roche) on an empty space.

Every square meters of the project have been scripted around the art of living and dining. A lesson our clients don’t need ( !).

It is the defintion of « custom made » with the creation of a periscope-shaped mirror in the cathedral-style living room to admire the « Vierge » on the Fourvière hill.

No firm involved failed the quality expected. The list is long and nice.

If you may need outstanding craftsmen, let us know, because the realization of this villa made us shiver from structure to finishing !


Photo credit: Xavier Chabert photographer


  • Project management : Privé
  • Shon : 450 m2
  • Mission : Construction
  • Delivery : 2015
  • Place : Saint-Cyr-au-Mont d’Or. France

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